Under a Leaden Sky

The power and majesty, the enormity, weight, height and depth of the clouds has always been a thing of fascination for me. Since my childhood days when I would stare for hours at the shifting shapes, hues and colours of the clouds. Watching as the moved across the sky, formed and dissipated, melded together or separated then the moment when the rain would fall. The rain would appear as a fog beneath the clouds, dropping from sky to ground with a rush of noise as the drops hit the ground, accompanied by a fresh breeze. In Under a Leaden Sky I have tried to capture this.

The physical version was painted on Stretched Linen Canvas and painted using Acrylic and Inks using a Knife and Gestural Marks. The piece is 84cm x 59cm (A1) and was sold for £630 to a corporate client. 


Physical £630 – Sold
Cryptoart ETH 0.1 to 0.2 via my OpeSea store

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