Outside, the Rain

A decomposition of a storm from inside a child’s bedroom. It was a dark night, with curtains partially drawn and hard rain falling from jet black clouds. What started out as a concept painting for a corporate client became my very first corporate art installation. The frame represents a window, outside of which a dark rain cloud can be seen. This duality of unity and separation so struck the client they asked for it to be painted on their office wall in this form and not combined. Sometimes this is how art happens.

The physical version was painted on Cotton Duck Canvas pasted to the wall, painted in Acrylic, Oil and Ink with Brush, Masks, Water and a layer of Acrylic Medium. It’s final size was 118cm x 84cm (A0) and was sold for £1,100 into a business collection. 


Physical £1,100 – Sold
Cryptoart ETH 0.05 – Buy on Mintbase

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