Heart of the City

Unusually for the Reflections collection, this piece was created as an experimental piece intended to explore the view of the city from above. What would looking directly down on the city look like, instead of looking up to the clouds as in most of the other pieces, what would we see if we were looking down from the clouds instead? What unusual, previously unnoticed city features would become apparent to us? In creating Heart of the City I used wooden stamps made in my workshop, attached cloth for texture and shape, used brush strokes to represent building and shadow. What was not planned, were the faces that appeared in the block prints, adding an unexpected dimension to this test piece that meant it became a permanent part of the collection.

The physical piece is 59cm x 42cm (A2) and was sold for £270. 


Physical £270 – Sold
Cryptoart ETH 0.05 – Buy on Mintbase

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