Faded Power

Visiting (aka climbing the fence and sneaking around to avoid detection) a now abandoned colliery in the home town I grew up in I entered a building where the miners hanged before work. In one of the now dank hallways leading from the entrance to the building I saw a dusty handprint, clear and dark, as if it has been purposefully placed to mark the site. It seemed both to be a statement of strength and determination, yet a final farewell from one of the last workers to be there, with no one returning to brush it away. Faded Power embodied in both the worker’s hand and the dust of the coal the country had once relied upon.

The physical work was created on Heavy Linen Canvas and Coal Dust made from found pieces off the site. It was applied with Brush, Gestural Marks and Water. Overall it is 42cm x 30cm (A3) and was sold for £520. 


Physical £520 – Sold
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