About Images on this Site

Physical Art Images

All images on the site are very low resolution examples of the art pieces available, provided only to allow the collector to understand the piece they are considering buying. Each item is archived as a high resolution image of at least 600dpi, depending on whether the piece can be scanned or if it needs to be photographed.


Due to the conditions under which many photographs may be taken, the available quality will vary. Where quality may be low, the available print options will be more limited. We will take the advice of our print partners about which options are viable and endeavour to present only those on the site.

Blockchain based Crypto Art / NFT

When buying the NFT version of physical art you will also be provided with a high resolution image for your non-commercial use. Please note these images are typically between 20Mb and 100Mb in size and you will be provided download details at purchase if buying through our chosen provider or sent details by our team if buying directly from us.

Use and Copyright

It’s important to remember that as standard, ownership of the copyright for physical and digital/digitised art remains with the artist. You can use images of the art you have bought for any non-commercial activity (allowing for straight resale, as below). If you want to incorporate the art into a commercial product that you sell, make derivatives of it for resale, etc., that you then claim as your own product or original works, you need to contact us and get the artist’s permission to do so. The answer is most often ‘yes’, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


You own the piece, whether physical or Blockchain based NFT and so are free to resell it at any time, for any price, via any means of your choosing. If you need guidance on how to do this please get in contact with us. While we don’t act as a reseller, we can provide some guidance on how this process works.