Warhammer Collection

As part of exploring the painting process and range of forms on which art and artistic expression can be delivered across various media, I’ve produced a limited number of painted Warhammer figures. Some follow the textbook standards, others are more customised. The process in all cases is similar; build, prepare, paint, base and protect. What this creates is not always the same however, making every model unique.

Age of Sigmar

Stormcast Eternals  |   Nighthaunt


This set is of 3 Stormcast Eternal infantry units, painted in Sacrosanct Chamber colours, were all sold via my eBay store. Each is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and NFT collectable on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Stormcast Eternals

The female Stormcast Eternal (Anastasia Stormstrike) leads two Infantry units. All are painted in Sacrosanct Chamber colours. These units of the Sacrosanct Chamber wield one handed and two handed Stormsmite Mauls and two have Soulshields.


The Nighthaunts are one of the Factions of Death, in the Age of Sigmar game, that serve Nagash. Chainrasps are commanded by Lady Olynder, the Mortarch of Grief.

Chainrasp Horde

This set consists of 10 models making up a Chainrasp Horde. They include the named characters of Kreth Soulvoid (the unit’s Dreadwarden), The Gravemaiden and Yorik the Wicked.