Wargaming Terrain & Models

I make wargaming terrain of all types, some are utility such as Tile Sets or Hills, others are more creative such as Altars or Houses, others are decorative such as Tables and Chairs or Barrels and Books.


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Walls & Buildings

Here you’ll find all manner of walls, buildings and ruins that I’ve created for various games such as Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons and Frostgrave.

Fieldstone Walls

This set consisted of 12 Fieldstone walls (4 x Long Walls, 4 x Medium, 4 x Corners) and 5 additional scatter items including a broken Wall End, 2 x broken pillars, a Column and Small wall. The set was provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Read more about CoAs)

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Watch Tower on a low hill


The lone Watch Tower is located on elevated ground, adding to its defensive position. It has a wooden doorway at the front and Hatch to the top, where characters can get access to the roof and battlements to fire down on enemies or increase their line of sight to spot the approach of armies or other characters. The doorway and hatch are made to measurements that allow human sized characters through but not large mobs. The height of the tower is built to allow it to be scaled in a typical movement phase. Provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Read more about CoAs)

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Terrain Elements

Terrain elements that I’ve built cover everything from a typical set of scatter hills, one-off unique items or elements that enhance the overall terrain.

Altar and Standing Stones

A unique diorama / terrain piece showing an alter with blood channel, surrounded by four standing stones. All are set within a grassy area, with exposed rocks and stones, jungle like vegetation can be seen growing in various places. Perfect as a centre piece for an adventure or quest objective. The piece was provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Read more about CoAs)

Sold, but for other projects check my eBay store

Set of 5  Rocky Hills

This set of Rocky Hills are largest and the most ‘robust’ set I’ve made to date. The feeling of harsh, stony ground and the crumbling sedimentary layers is very present. Tumbling boulders have crashed to the ground and shattered into rocks and stones, which are scattered across the rough terrain. I purposefully avoided using static grass as I felt it was out of place. Instead, I took extra time to texture and paint the surfaces. The effect was more in keeping with the stone and rock look, giving all hills a solid / hard feel in the hands. The set is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Read more about CoAs)

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Tile Sets

Instead of just creating yet another Tile Set, I create complete Adventure Packs that have the Tiles, Object Markers and Dressings. In that way the collector can  just place their characters and start playing straight away.

There are 60 items in this set: 22 Tiles, 21 Trap / Object Markers and 17 Dungeon Dressings. This set allows you to set-up your dungeon in many different ways and they can be used like a side-scroller; setup some tiles, when your party move past those just set-up the next tiles. This saves you needing to have 100s of tiles and other items and lets you maintain the fog-of-war effect during game play.

Traps / Object markers and Pillars are based on 3mm MDF at 1″ x 1″ size. Pillars and Doorways are weighted to avoid them tipping over. Boulder traps are screwed into their base to keep them secure. Candles can be used to illuminate a small area if your dungeon is in darkness. The Table with Maps and Bookshelves with various books can represent the final room to reach or a way to get a quest item. Red and Yellow mix of mushrooms is so one type can be poisonous or one type can be safe to eat. Tiles with sand, rubble and boulders provide options for rough, difficult or impassible terrain as best fits your adventure, Spike and Blade traps allow you to add some danger to the adventure!

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Scatter & Dressings

Every terrain, be that a hill, house, dungeon or boat, needs that little extra details. Scatter helps fill the space and dressings complete the look and make the place of adventure more complete. They are also great to include in the story as element for players to interact with.



Candles – Work in progress / pictures coming soon

Mushrooms – Work in progress / pictures coming soon