Fantasy Art

Malartú – Concept Art

In order to bring the peoples and events of Malartú to life, I both commissioned and drew several art works from the world.

The young Al’daer
Leaving the family home in Fen’Eutim, on the island of Trebarra, Al’daer boarded the Revenscraft, set for the central island of Sháelarn, Anomalies Maps in hand. Planning to serve the weak King Galrach.

The Talghaern – Great Sword Intheer
The title of Great Sword was bestowed upon the Talghaern warrior, Intheer, after her successful capture of the city of Palan on the island of Taikstow. As The Rise of Al’daer unfolds, we see her set for even loftier stations, as the Guardian of the Sháelarn under the warrior king Sluthan.

The Manantál is a fearsome beast that only the Talghaern have been able to control and use in their armies.  With an insatiable thirst for battle, matched only by their Talghaern riders, the Manatáls wreak devastation upon the enemy. Their blood-letting horn a means to skewer and bleed their quarry before feasting on their flesh.

Shadow Malborne
Shadow Malborne has many titles – Servant of the god Shreetan, subject of the Shadow King, Soul Keeper Lorrathkal, guardian of the Soul Spire deep within the Chasm. With his aid, the Soul Keeper maintains mastery over the now dead cities of the Drenlands. The Talghaern’s emergence to sentience is driven by the same power that brought the Shadows into the world. Now the inevitable clash to control that power has begun.

Al’daer and Granthen in the Fiantas Forest
When Master Granthen invites Al’daer to a secret meeting on the evening of his arrival to the Shaelarn, he arrives at Granthen’s cottage only to see that Taikstow pirates have come ashore to raid. In the ensuing fight Granthen and Al’daer prove their abilities with blade and fist.


Meeting of the Council of Lord Sirac
Left to Right: Master at Arms Tarean Galt, Scribe Kurtack Thire, Lord Sirac, Land Master Ufradict Yyinway. Together they form the Council of Lord Sirac. In this drawing a meeting has been called to discuss a response from King Galrach, to Lord Sirac’s desire to claim additional land in the kingdom.

Looking out to the Tor
All kings and queens of the Sháelarn are crowned on the death of their father or mother. While becoming the sovereign may be seen as destination eagerly wished for, it is acquired only by the death of a beloved parent. Read the cantata, Endra’Tol contemplates this grave future that awaits in the years to come.