Úrantè Spins the Universe

The creation story as told by the people of Garaín, who live on the central island of Sháelarn, the vast island of Trebarra and about the realm of the goddess Kreyss’hai.

Úrantè scanned the vastness that was all around it. Its vision wandered over the bright ethereal bands of gas-like matter containing the billions of stars burning their energy, gas giants that formed but never came to life and dead rocks that coursed through the Great Dark, in-between ephemeral particles arising from the destruction of its creations. In this universe Úrantè was the creator of all things, where once there was a perfect empty vacuum.

Possessing a timeless existence it had no concept of how long its thoughts and dreams had spilled into the vacuum, creating all that now existed, all that had existed and all that would exist. That even it existed had not been something it had always understood, Úrantè remembered a time when its mind was still clouded with confusion but the thoughts within that confusion were lost. How long had been those first aeons, mindlessly drifting in the vacuum, much as a foetus drifts through its first months within its mother’s womb. Unaware it was developing into a sentient being, formless and timeless, coming into existence within this virgin universe.

As the aeons had passed its senses developed, its self-awareness grew and with it its understanding of what it was capable of doing. At first the drifting bands of matter that trailed behind it, as it meandered through the darkness went unquestioned, until the realisation it was creating them. In that moment, it noticed stars forming within the gaseous bands, bursting into life and burning with an energy that mirrored the insight it had experienced.

In the next instant it realised these were also created by it but was confused as to how. With this half realisation ending in confusion it now saw scatterings of gas giants appear where once stars were forming, matter coalesced but which failed to ignite. For aeons it moved through the darkness, drifting between the mindlessness it had experienced earlier and back into ever more complete awareness, casting a growing creation into the void.

Aeon after aeon this continued and slowly but surely Úrantè came to understand more about its existence and how it was the source of creation in the void. The mindlessness of the dreamlike state lessened over time, becoming instead a period more meditative and reflective, allowing deeper and more complete insight into who and what it was.

In a moment of pure enlightenment it began to sense its creations, to feel their nature and structure and to understand at once how to bring them about in the form it desired. From that moment it created with purpose, sweeping through the darkness that remained and stitching together the fabric of its creation. More complex structures emerged as its thoughts expanded. Galaxies spun from the web it was building, giant stars a million times bigger than seen before, rough bands of rock in great arcs.

Úrantè was pleased to have been lost in the acts of creation for countless aeons, but now it was creating the same thing over and over. This allowed its concentration to wander and in doing so a thought settled upon it. As it looked over the vastness of the universe that was its, it pondered on a great question. “Am I alone?” it asked itself. In all its drifting, in all the aeons of purposeful travel and creation, it had encountered no other being such as itself.

“If I am truly alone, yet I can create anything, then I needn’t be alone”, it thought. Across the vastness it looked upon a shining rock of blue, near a sun it had created earlier and moving closer, began.