Short Stories of Malartú

Part of the creative process of writing the stories about Malartú is to have a world to write about. That world has its gods, villains and heroes, peoples and creatures, islands and oceans, mountains and caves, forests and marshes, rivers and lakes. It also has a rich history told through poems and stories, found in ruins and cities, embodied in laws and traditions.

The Short Stories of Malartú are a collection of brief writings that bring that rich world to life.

Úrantè Spins the Universe

Though the cultures and peoples of Malartú vary in their understanding of how the world and the Great Dark that surrounds it came to be, they do agree there is a creator of all things. For the people of Garaín, this is Úrantè and this is their tale.

The Moment of Truth

A draft chapter from the second book in the Malartú series, Aeron’s Downfall. As the story unfolds we see the Frayhaern hero, Sarantair, preparing to defend the city of Aeron on the westerly island of Trebarra.

Cerjan Begins a New Life

The soon to be apprentice of Master Fletcher, Tarrián Casaen, awakens on the day of commencing his apprenticeship. He reflects on his life now, what it could have been but for a chance meeting by his father and Tarrián the prior year.

Tontheer and the Gift of the Goddess

In this short story we learn of how the gods interact with their devotees, passing on knowledge and skill. Tontheer’s family have received such a gift, but the story of it sits at the line between memory and folklore, soon to be lost except through story.

The Néron Cipher

In the frozen North of Malartú, within the cavernous fortress of Highpass, surrounded by the dark forest of Athentas – the Talghaern keep their most valuable possessions. Greatest amongst them is the Book of Grenot the Enlightened. It was from this book that Néron, the Master Smith, created his Cipher, a way to understand the Talghaern writings and learn their language.