Cantatas of Malartú

The Cantatas of Malartú are a collection of poems and stories written in a native language and translated to the common tongue.  They give insight into the rich culture, history and folklore of the races and peoples of Malartú.

All kings and queens of the Sháelarn are crowned on the death of their father or mother. While becoming the sovereign may be seen as destination eagerly wished for, it is acquired only by the death of a beloved parent. In this cantata, Endra’Tol contemplates this grave future that awaits in the years to come.

Endra’Tol Contemplates the Tor

I awake again with sleep filled eyes, to wander across the cold stone floor
Through my chamber window, the distant Tor rises, as forever it has
Its peak hidden by a shroud of grey
Its base obscured by wet morning mist
That leaches from the Liywyn and the Yyindril

Cer’Synden stands silent, illuminated by the first morning rays
My carefree days will end, when I cross the Liywyn and scale the mountain
A destiny’s commencement marked with a death
The phantom shroud descends, and I see no more
I turn my head and face the day


The Hunt, Keeper Crenghal

The sun above the fields, sinks like lead
Shreetan’s children emerge to the night
The Night Hawks cry the truth of days to come
Darkness embraces the trespasser’s flight

Like floodwater the hounds flow in his direction
The recklessness of life and assurity of death
His ancestors wait in dream like anticipation
The quarry found, a soul released with a final breath

A gentle hand from one once known, offers eternal kinship
His panic eases, rising to a new existence
Beneath the bright moon, a world of new friendship
In the dark light of Shreetan, a new soul bathes