This is the online version of the original Certificate of Authenticity for the below item.

Certificate of Authenticity

I, Mark J Diez, hereby certify that this is my original artwork, details provided within this certificate.

Reference: mm-acr-2017-001

Year created: 2020

Medium: Acrylic paint, Watercolour paint, Heavy Mixed Media Paper

Title of the Piece: Emotions – The Joy of Youth

Painting Description:The Emotions collection was created to capture the range of human emotions in paint and canvass. Necessarily abstract in style, they mirror the indistinct form, but palpable energy and impact, of the emotion being explored. Joy of Youth captures the essential vibrancy and flow of the energy that exudes from youthful vigour. Each multi-coloured stroke the energetic engagement in something newly discovered, petering out until again something new is encountered. Combined they create the canvas that defines the fledgling person.

The purchaser will hereafter have outright ownership of the Work and one instance of the related Non-fungible Token image deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Copyright remains with the artist.

Artist Signature: Mark J Diez

Date: 1st September 2017