This is the online version of the original Certificate of Authenticity for the below item.

Certificate of Authenticity

I, Mark J Diez, hereby certify that this is my original craft piece and artwork, details provided within this certificate.

Reference: whg-ter-gen-051

Year created: 2020

Medium: Foam, Wood, Metal, Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Sealer

Title of the Piece: A Watch Tower set on a Low Hill

Model Description: A Watch Tower standing on elevated ground, accessed by a wooden door at the top of a short set of steps. A hatch at the top of the tower allows access to the roof and battlements. The rough terrain is strewn with stones and boulders.

The purchaser will hereafter have outright ownership of the Work and may transfer, sell or retain the Work as they see fit. Copyright remains with the artist.

Artist Signature: Mark J Diez

Date: 20th July 2020