Certificates of Authenticity

What are Certificates of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) is provided by an artist to prove authenticity and provenance of the piece and that they were they creator of the item. The CoA names the piece, provides details about it, how it was made and who the artist is. This assured buyers and collectors of the quality and worth of the piece and to prove it if selling the item at a future time. While my use of CoAs for some items is unique, expensive fine art pieces always come with CoAs. In my case, it also ties the physical piece and the CoA by use of QR Codes attached to the item.

See an example Certificate of Authenticity for a painting and a model

Unique CoA Reference

All certificates provide a unique reference for the piece, which also forms the URL under which a replacement, downloadable CoA, link to the NFT (if one is published) and additional detail can be found.

QR Code link to the Certificate

If you lose the original CoA you can get a copy by scanning the QR code on the item. Newer phones can do this just with the camera, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to install a QR Code scanner app.

Downloadable PDF version stored on the site

A signed, PDF version of the Certificate of Authenticity is always stored on my site so you can download and print it. If you sell your item, simply pass on the original to the new owner.

Crypto Art

For all Paintings and Miniatures there are also a set of Crypto Art images published as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, the ownership of which is transferred to you when you purchase the painting or miniature. You do not need to transfer this to a new owner when you sell the item.

Search for your Certification of Authenticity

Enter the name of your piece or the certificate number (e.g. mm-acr-2017-001) to find the PDF version.