Mixed Media / Crypto Art

Paintings on canvas with acrylic and oil, using crafted and found materials, scrapers and manual line-work are at the heart of the collections. Digital tools then provide transformations that cannot be achieved manually. View and buy art in physical form and as blockchain based NFT digital art.

Reflections | Geometry | Emotions | Crypto Art Collection

Fantasy & Model Art

Fantasy art from the Malartú book series is presented here, which includes scenes from the book, characters, creatures and maps. The Miniature Model collections includes a limited set of Warhammer, Alkemy and other miniatures, scenery and art – painted to a high and creative standard, styled using both text-book and custom designs.

Fantasy Art Gallery | Warhammer collection  |  Alkemy collection  


The Hannover Game book cover

Novels and novellas for the Hannover and Malartú fantasy worlds include; The Hannover Game, the debut novel for the Hannover trilogy and, The Rise of Al’daer which presents the high fantasy world through the Tales of Malartú series. Enjoy snippets from the books here on the site and look out for art from the world in the

The Hannover Game | The Rise of Al’daer


Search for and view the Certificates of Authenticity (CoA) for each of the items in the Wargaming, Art and Woodcraft collections. The readable codes on NFT tags and QR codes on items will take you directly to your CoA.

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